“Mom, can you help me find my phonics book?” screams my 6-year-old, then my cell phone goes off with alerts for the teenage boys to be at basketball practice and suddenly it dawns on me, I haven’t even started dinner, and then that thought quickly leaves because my 19 yr old is trying to find his keys to go to class at college.  Oh, and then hubby needs an important document sent via email.  Yes, these are many of my days.  My husband and I have 11 children, six girls, and 5 boys.  I might add 5 boys back to back.   Yes, that is a lot of testosterone!

These are ordinary days for us. Here at Dime A Dozen Mom I want to share some things I  have learned to find joy in the ordinary of life.

Dime a dozen is an idiom and its meaning according to the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition, is overly abundant and commonplace.  The Thesauras.com  describes ‘dime a dozen’ as usual, everyday, familiar, and ordinary.  These words can be used for Moms who find themselves in the trenches of parenting.

So, moms, you know that some days parenting can feel familiar, ordinary or usual even when we have the best schedule set out for us.  A few of my parenting tips for holding onto joy is:

  1. Schedule
  2. Meal Planning
  3.  All items in your house have a home

In order to set a good schedule, you have to have priorities because your priorities dictate what you will say yes and no to.  Then you have meals, meals, and more meals.  I feed a lot of people at my house so I know that no matter what happens in a day, we have to eat:)  Lastly, in order to keep items from cluttering your house everyone needs to know where their shoes, bookbags, coats, etc. go.  My children have to pick up after themselves because if 11 children leave just 2 items on the floor that is 22 items thrown about the house.  It is imperative at mi casa for everyone to do their part:)